I am an absolute beginner with two left feet and bereft of any sense of rhythm whatsoever. Can I still come?

Don't worry - we specialise in getting non-dancers able to dance and enjoy Salsa. If you can walk you can dance Salsa. Our beginners class is suitable for complete beginners with no previous dance experience. The only thing we would say is never give up after only one lesson. Salsa is something that takes a few lessons to get your 'head around' and this is normal. Only if you are from Cuba and don't get it in one lesson should you give up! If you are worried about the rhythm then check this out - it really helps you understand Salsa music: The Salsa Beat Machine (tip: you step out on the 1 and 5)

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, not at all. We rotate everyone around and lots of people come on their own, or in same sex groups. If you are a couple then rotating round really helps you learn by dancing with people of different abilities. Plus, we have one or two helpers in the class circle that can help you out.

What should I wear?

Just regular going out clothes. Although, tight long skirts and anything too warm is best avoided. Many people wear jeans, or similar.

What about footwear?

Just avoid trainers (unless special dance trainers), or shoes with a lot of grip. However, for beginners footwear isn't too important, as there is nothing too demanding.

What is the age range?

We attract a broad age range of people, including a percentage of students. However, everybody is welcome and we have plenty of people in their 40s-50s and even 60s. Please don't be put off by your age - above all else we attract a friendly crowd and you should feel welcome.

What is the ratio of men to women?

It's usually fairly even, as we do pretty well in attracting the guys (every guy should know some dance moves!). We rotate everybody around so doesn't really matter. If we have extra it is usually two or three ladies. We try to avoid having guys stood out, as they have to lead, so if that happens we usually do some advertising on Facebook where we can select to target male or female.

Do I need to book?

No, just turn up.

Can I start any week?

Yes indeed. We always teach the basics, so you can start coming on any week.

Do I have to come every week?

We hope you'll want to, but you don't have to. The classes are run on a drop-in basis. There are no courses that you have to sign up to. Just come when you can.

If I buy a beginner pack do I have to come consecutive weeks, or can a miss the odd week?

No need to come consecutively. We just tick the card off when you do come, so missing the odd week is not a problem.